Monday, July 18, 2011

Pipes (aka, Pipe Dream), now for Python too!

Ah, the classic game, Pipes. You know, the one where you arrange pipes on a grid and try to reach the goal while creating as long a chain as possible? Yeah, that game.

I've played around with the logic a bit in Python, and came up with this. It's not a complete game yet, obviously, but I've got the flow logic down.


Stuff needed in order to be considered "complete":

  • Set up input (and a queue of pipes)
  • Move from text to some other rendering method (probably GL, via pygame or some such Looking like Gtk+; Partially complete.)
  • Maybe, convert to multiprocessing (Not as easy as I thought, but done)


Of course, the next step after "completion" is improvement...

  • Implement levels (with larger maps and faster flow rates)
  • Blocks (obstacles) to put a wrench in your design
  • etc. (feel free to make suggestions in the comments)
...but let's not get ahead of ourselves. ;-)

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